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Get a fresh start every week with Monday Morning Manager and Canadian Women In Food.


Canadian Women in Food invites you to join us for our first ever, virtual Incredible Edible Paint Night.

Past Events

Turn Up The Heat is a charity dinner prepared with culinary expertise by Members of Canadian Women In Food.

On the evening of Thursday March 5th, guests experienced the geniuses and cuisine re-definers in action as we featured great female Chefs of our time.

FULL TILT is the intersection between women in food, art, science, industry, agriculture, and policy. An intimate and interactive, peer-led conference for women in food. Join entrepreneurs, industry titans, and senior leaders from top companies to learn, laugh, absorb, and engage. Ticket includes breakfast, cocktail event, CR&B Show Pass.

Finding Your New unNormal.png

Finding Your New unNormal

What a difference a couple of months can make in the lives of so many.  So much has changed, especially when we describe what things were like "before the curve".  

What then will life look like when we are "beyond the curve"? 

Jane Gaynor of Gain Your Edge Coaching led us through a FREE online webinar to "Finding Your New unNormal" 

These unNormal times have knocked many of us down in a variety of ways. It is natural to resist change.  We perceive it as a threat and instinctively react with 'fight or flight'. 

Getting 'back up' requires unique strategies to navigate through adversity.  This interactive online session was all about building a resilient mindset in order to pivot and adapt to change quicker.


Foodilicious Pop-Up

Our 1st ever Canadian Women In Food Business-to-Consumer Pop Up Selling Show was a success!  There was lots of idea-sharing and networking amongst the Members thanks to our volunteers Jacquie Ferreira of The Baker's Bar and Mary Claire Thomson for providing coverage and encouraging attendees to Shop, Eat, Drink, and Discover!  We appreciate the support of the Ralph Thornton Community Centre and to Member Grace Cameron of JamaicanEats Magazine for her mentorship.

Virtual VINO.PNG

Virtual VINO - Thirsty Thursdays

Andrea Watson, from Nature Knows, hosted Virtual Vino nights... where a glass of our fave beverage and a chat about about the lighter side of life during these challenging times was all we needed to get our spirits up! 


We sang, we might have danced, banged some pots, and sure did laugh during this Thirsty Thursday virtual event!


The Pains & Gains of Discounts

Negotiation expert, Cheryl Appleton, of STRAGENTIUM and Founder of Canadian Women In Food, took a big bite out of The Pains & Gains of Discounts by illustrating for attendees how to artfully persuade customers on the topic of discounts, and harness the power of bundling or unbundling prices.  Sponsored by Glory Hole Doughnuts and Phancy Food & Catering, the Female Foodie Meetings are designed to provide a platform for female and female-identifying entrepreneurs in hospitality industry to discuss topics and challenges the industry uniquely encounters.


Potluck Picnic

We enjoyed a magical night in the garden and then later under the stars at the Potluck Picnic located at the beautiful historic Ashbridges Estate

Thank You to Lisa Kates, Co-Founder of Building Roots for the guided tours and to all our guests for the delicious food and great company!

Please take a moment to donate towards Building Roots and help support their work to build sustainable food communities.

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Spice up your social media content on a budget with this fun and interactive workshop! No previous experience in photography needed. Not even a camera. Only requirement, aside from a smartphone, is your desire to add a touch of sass to food (or food product) photos, your social feeds or websites!