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THE DISCOVERY BOX is for people who enjoy the mystery of what you are going to get out of life. You don’t have to know everything to love someone…A little mystery? It’s kinda sexy.


Where there is mystery in relationships, there is also curiosity intrigue and the freshness of discovery. Mystery is the energy that stirs us up, and it’s an essential ingredient for wanting to get to know someone, or some thing a whole lot better!


So you might be thinking…Oh…what’s going to be in this box that’s fun and mysterious to discover? The best part is in how you can be part of the unboxing moment by posting and sharing which elements delight you the most. You know you want to, so surprise us, break some rules, and feel free to be playful.


We’re already convinced that when you learn about our makers at Canadian Women In Food, and then post about your experience - they also enjoy the splash of newness and mystery you bring to their creation – all over again!




TikTok: @CanWomenInFood

Instagram: @Canadian_Women_In_Food


10% Give Back Donation I This Gift of Goodness includes a 10% donation given to support the Feed Our Future Fund! We’re living in a world of rapid change, and the best way to navigate that change is to be part of a community. Your donation ensures a sustainable future for female food entrepreneurs, and a place for them to come together to build new skills that will help them navigate the day with more resilience and perspective. 

Discovery Box

  • Refunds for products purchased from us will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If your order has arrived damaged, please contact us directly as soon as possible and provide photos of the damaged package before opening as well as the damage to the piece itself. If applicable, we can arrange a refund (less the shipping costs) or a replacement.

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