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As a busy Mom of two, Veneise started up her sauce business so families could enjoy her Jamaican-inspired marinades, mustards, and pepper jellies – all free from additives and preservatives, and reduce their dinner prep time to zero.

Today, her products are widely available in Sobeys and Loblaw stores as a result of the Ontario Made program. What you might not know about is how Veneise continues to build on this success to amplify support for BIPOC women in the food industry, from leveraging media appearances to most recently being included by the Art Gallery of Ontario as part of a Caribbean Art Exhibition "Fragments of Epic Memory". So it's an honour to recognize Veneise as our CWiF Ambassador for BIPOC women in food as she is an inspiration to her peers, is innovative to the industry, and openly supports a network of women serious about food! Visit Veneise and learn more about the Flavour Entrepreneur:



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