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Launching a business during a pandemic takes passion, a quality Sarah Davies, Founder of MORE Granola, views as her personal super power.

In the Spring of 2020, Sarah returned home to Canada from Spain where she was wrapping up an MBA. She knew a lot of people were feeling pretty scared during that time, and wanted to spark some joy while throwing herself into something productive.

That passion led to the launch of MORE Granola; a line of snackable granola chunks in dessert inspired flavours. The oversized chunks are unique as a cross between granola cereal and bars. The big cookie-like pieces give people the choice to eat straight out of the bag or break them up into a bowl. For Sarah, her goal is to bring a sense of play into healthy eating, and by extension, help change people’s relationship with gluten-free, vegan, lightly sweetened granola that tastes like a treat!

Of course, operating a food start-up has many challenges, and Sarah is grateful for her early education in the food accelerator space helping to guide her through production, co-packing, distribution and retail grocery store launches.

Today, Sarah has her sights set on developing MORE Granola into a nationally recognized brand with MORE new flavours that will excite her foodie fans with healthy and delicious products.

Visit Sarah to Choose Your Chunk:



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