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Sabina Batelman


Sabina Batelman is the co-founder of Lunchers, a Toronto-based company that makes single-portioned jars of soups and stews.

Born in Ukraine and raised in Queens, New York City, Sabina always had a passion for food and cooking. Learning from and indulging in the diverse cuisine that surrounded her, she spent her time honing her skills as a Chef while working as a graphic and web designer by day.

Now a mom of a little girl, she decided it was time to follow her dream by retiring from her design career, throwing on her apron and start sharing her favourite recipes with the world.

In December of 2021, Sabina and her partner, Sebastien officially launched Lunchers, a company that focuses on some of her favourite soups and stew recipes delivered in perfectly portioned, conveniently-sized jars that make it easy to take and enjoy anywhere you go. They partner with local farms and suppliers in Ontario and work hard to bring scrumptious satiation to lunch time anywhere.

Available flavours are Roasted Butternut Coconut Curry Soup, Tuscan White Bean & Farro Soup, & Hungarian-ish Beef & Mushroom Stew.

Meet Sabina, for some Scrumptious. Local. Food:



Sabina Batelman
Sabina Batelman
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