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Executive Chef

Chef Paola Solorzano is the creative mind behind Santo Pecado Mexican Catering, Santo Pecado Foods, and in her spare time (we add with a wink), Paola is also Executive Chef of Reposado Tequila Bar.

Paola is a long way from her early days of testing recipes at food festivals and special events. A professional business woman, Paola is not afraid to take risks and experiment to create new products and services from her headquarters in Toronto’s West End.

When she does take a break from organizing another exquisite Mexican-inspired wedding feast highlighting authentic flavours with high-quality ingredients, you can find Paola in her kitchen, trying out a new hot sauce by Santo Pecado Foods.

Bold and simple ingredients, sourced from local Ontario farms and then blended with Paola’s culinary expertise results in an entirely new experience of flavours that’s sophisticated and deliciously enigmatic.

Visit Paola for a Flavourful Feast:



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