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Like so many of us, Lou Hooper has many facets - wife, Mom to two fur-babes, daughter, friend to a close-knit circle of friends, vegan, entrepreneur, online course developer, writer, gardener and world-traveller. All of these facets have an impact on her life and make Lou the woman she is today.

One of the key aspects in Lou’s life is her veganism which was a lifestyle practice she began to help address health issues, and the desire to live more cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Becoming vegan the past seven years, has worked well for Lou, and at the same time, she knows transitioning to be more vegan/plant-based can be a helluva ride – often overwhelming, giving rise to self-doubt, and feeling like you’re alone on the journey.

The challenges of her journey inspired Lou to launch Vegan Vagabonds, an online learning experience for the vegan/plant-based curious or those just starting on the path. In her course, “The Vegan Journey: A Beginner’s Pathway” Lou shares in her experience through tips, tools, recipes and support – all the elements that will guide “virgin vegans” to becoming more fully vegan, and in turn, offer a positive impact on their lives, the lives of animals, and our environment.

Visit Lou and be Vegan-Curious:



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