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While at Guelph University, Julie Zambonelli started cooking in a vegetarian restaurant and discovered she was a bit of a natural when it came to food and cooking.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise then, that as a graduate in Fine Arts, Julie started food styling for photography, happily combining her love of art and food. Today, Julie has more than 25 years of expertise making drool-worthy food styling moments for major Canadian brands.

When travelling Australia, Julie experienced her first taste of Dukkah, where it was served as an appetizer. As was the custom to enjoy the appetizer, Julie dipped fresh bread into olive oil, then into the Dukkah, and experienced the most amazing taste explosion of toasted nuts, seeds and spices!

Julie loved the concept of this savoury standout so much she created her own food company, Zambonelli Fine Foods and launched three Dukkah blends in Hazelnut, Pistachio and Almond Sumac. Be sure to try the Dukkah experience when you see Julie out there on the road getting her products into better retail stores in Ontario.

Visit Julie for Delicious Dukkah:



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