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Founder & CEO

Healthy Alternatives Founder and CEO Joycelyn Adams, is just nuts about chocolate! Her Toronto-based company makes decadent hazelnut & chocolate spread and brownie bars, free from dairy, gluten, palm oils and soy.

More than 20 years ago Joycelyn transitioned to a plant-based diet and researching recipes for nut butters, she discovered how to improve upon many existing products by making her own. Of course, loving chocolate and cocoa, Joycelyn fine tuned her recipes to create a creamy hazelnut & chocolate spread for a healthy sweet full of simple ingredients.

Being guilt-free was Joycelyn’s goal for Healthy Alternatives, by making plant-based products with organic ingredients, that could satisfy an obsession for hazelnut & chocolate without compromise.

Be sure to ask Joycelyn about her plant-based journey, when you visit with her at various outdoor markets in Toronto. She’s working hard to bring healthy sweets to your local health store very soon.

Visit Joycelyn if you’re Nuts About Chocolate:



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