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Emmy Suparmin started her journey of helping others with holistic foods because of her husband Zied’s strong resolve to be medication-free while dealing with a brain tumor, and wanted to show how natural foods can be an important tool when managing a serious illness.

Co-Founders of Tucan Canada, Emmy and Zied developed Zenolive, the first 100% unadulterated extra virgin olive oil with an Augmented Reality Label – specially sourced from Zied’s home country of Tunisia.

Separately, Emmy leveraged her expertise as a Holistic Nutritionist to create The Greencious Munch, a line organic, non-GMO vacuum-dried fruit chip snacks – free from additives. Instead of flavor enhancers, Emmy is determined to have a kid-friendly snack product with honest and clean ingredients.

So then what’s an Augmented Reality Label? Emmy created a special aspect to her labels that is only visible from a mobile phone, so the secret innovation is in how the label comes alive to illustrate product features, benefits and an educational experience.

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