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Cheryl Haskett


Cheryl Haskett, is the founder of Udderly Ridiculous Inc, an award-winning gourmet Goat Milk Ice Cream company based out of Bright, Ontario.

Many people might know how the farm is open-to-the public where you can learn about agriculture, primary food production and meet their zany herd of goats. What you might not know is how this opening of doors to farm life was actually a ‘pandemic pivot’ for Cheryl.

A mom to 4 boys, and married to a goat farmer, years ago Cheryl left her corporate career to bring alive a dream to produce more than just raw ingredients from the family farm. In 2019, Cheryl and Greg launched six gourmet flavours of Goat Milk Ice Cream and today continues to build on a long-term vision that includes lots of education and Udderly Ridiculous moments of fun.

Meet Cheryl, the Chief Ice Cream Officer at:



Cheryl Haskett
Cheryl Haskett
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