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Azrah Manji-Savin

CEO & Co-Founder

Azrah Manji-Savin is the CEO & Co-Founder of the kitchen marketplace app Syzl, which enables gig economy food entrepreneurs and chefs to access safe and flexible kitchen space. As a first-generation immigrant, Azrah believes in food as a tie to one’s origin and a way to share culture with the world.

Before starting Syzl, Azrah was employee #1 for WeWork’s Alberta territory and previously launched WeWork Toronto’s first all-enterprise offerings. Previous positions also include VP of Innovation at Durum Capital, Sales at LinkedIn and Artist Services at Warner Music Group (WMG). Azrah is passionate about developing opportunities for newly landed immigrants and additionally serves as the Honorary Secretary for the Aga Khan Youth & Sports Board for Canada, and previously served as the Chairman for the Ontario region.

Azrah holds a Masters in Management degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA from the University of Toronto. When she’s not helping food makers achieve their dreams, you can find Azrah trying out the newest restaurants, tweeting about awards shows and constantly with a book on the go.

About Syzl:

Syzl enables the gig economy chef and food entrepreneur to book certified kitchen space on a short-term or flexible basis, and lets kitchen owners make additional income on their own terms. Syzl manages the stress of verification, insurance sourcing, equipment sourcing, and payments so entrepreneurs can focus on what they do best - making incredible food.

Meet Azrah, a deliciously tech-savvy CEO:



Azrah Manji-Savin
Azrah Manji-Savin
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