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As a busy Mom of two, Amanda Luthra started up Chilli Paste meal bases so families could enjoy her South Asian-inspired marinades, pastes, sauces, and spices – all free from additives and preservatives, and replicate their favourite curry house at home.

In re-defining convenience cooking, Amanda created a 2-step process (the “Chilli Paste meal base”) that when combined with protein and fresh vegetables can save hours of preparation and searching for long lists of ingredients.

A former consultant of the Human Resources industry, Amanda often felt less stressed in her own life when she would prepare meal bases and freeze them. She knew making these meal bases in advance meant she could spend more time with her family and less time cooking.

Blending a family background from Guyana and India, Amanda learned to love everything about spices from mixing, to roasting, grinding, and cooking them to release their aroma and maximizing the flavours. Just try the Chilly Paste Tandoori Marinade Kit on chicken and the Chaat Masala paste for dahls – they’re kid approved!

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