The Tamales In-A-Box is a fun, authentic Mexican experience with the home cook in mind, as a humble acknowledgment to the women that have passed their recipes down from generation to generation.


Our Tamales in a Box has been curated with a selection of ingredients by Mexican Canadian Chefs Adriana and Paola from Santo Pecado sharing their unique traditions from Jalisco and Mexico City to create a unique experience - expertly combined.




Corn Flour I Santo Pecado brings to your kitchen table the organic nixtamalized corn flour blend, specifically made for fluffy, light Mexican tamales.


Corn Husks I Chefs Adriana and Paola selected corn husks over banana leaves for a tamale that is usually made in Mexico City and Jalisco, where they grew up. Tamales from those regions are usually smaller and thinner than their counterparts of southern states, like Oaxaca and Tabasco.


Mole I A recipe developed by chef Paola Solorzano, co-founder of Santo Pecado and Head Chef at Reposado Tequila Bar. This particular mole is made following a traditional family recipe, swapping some ingredients to make it gluten-free and nut-free, as well as vegan.


Salsa Verde I The “Green Eyed Monster” is one of the seven hot sauces recently launched by Santo Pecado as the Siete Pecados Hot Sauce brand. Made with sunflower seed oil poached serrano peppers, Ontario grown tomatillos and cilantro, this mildly hot sauce is the perfect addition to any dish you can imagine, and a perfect staple for the busy cook; make your own huevos rancheros, enchiladas, or pollo en salsa verde for tamales in just a few minutes.


Grapeseed Oil I Tamales are usually made with pork lard. For a lighter, vegan friendly version, chefs Adriana and Paola decided to use grapeseed oil for its neutral flavour, and its high content of vitamin E. Being a relatively high heat oil, it makes a perfect choice for baking.

Tamales In-A-Box

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