The Thrill & Grill BBQ Box has everything you need to make an irresistible dish, whether you’re a 1st timer or a local BBQ legend, Uncle Chuck’s Rubs and Sauces gives you that satisfying experience of firing up the grill and enjoying a char-kissed meal!


Created in celebration of connection and community, Chef Cheryl wanted Uncle Chuck’s to be more than just about spices and sauces.  As a former ‘street kid’, Cheryl understands first hand how lonely it can be to be seen as an outcast, and to feel disconnected from the people we rely on for help and support.    That’s why it’s an honour for her each time Uncle Chuck’s is brought home to be shared at family meals, backyard BBQs, and cottage weekends.  And you can be confident there’s happiness cooked into every jar!    




Sup Sauce Ketchup I The original goal was always to find a way to make ketchup that was better than any homestyle brand.  After testing many different variations, Chef Cheryl wanted something to have a texture and flavour most families would recognize.  A key difference versus conventional store-bought brands is how Sup Sauce is sweetened with a blend of organic cane sugar and natural honey so you can feel better about serving it at the family table.


Rib Rub I Chef Cheryl really loves rubs, and the biggest thing you’re going to put on your meat is a rub.  Most are too salty or too strong, and here she wanted to take her time to find the right notes to balance against a tangy Chuckie Q BBQ Sauce with some sweetness.  Fortunately, the BBQ Sauce is so smooth, you can apply it lightly, and then keep on applying while cooking and still the flavour of the Rib Rub will come through.


Chuckie Q BBQ Sauce I There are 5,000 bottles of BBQ sauce you can buy.  Chef Cheryl likes a sauce that’s got great flavour, some acidity and coats whatever she’s marinating really, really well.  Chuckie Q BBQ Sauce goes on nice and smooth, and it packs a punch.  It’s all about the tang!


Cluck Cluck Rub I Designed around some flavours Chefs Cheryl liked and inspired by popular meat dishes from Mexico, roasted in a Spanish way of cooking, this poultry rub has heavy notes of oregano, chili and cumin.  So, if you’re surprised by the nice strong scent to it, and are just a little hesitant, put on your “I’m a BBQ Boss” hat and trust that the taste when cooked has a lovely smooth finish.


Beefy Rub I Wanting a universal rub for all things beef, this rub was designed to be free-from sugar, and blended with onion & kosher salts, garlic, paprika and totally loaded with pepper and peppercorns.  Not a beef eater?  Use it on your Buffalo Cauliflower, mixed with some Sup Sauce and go all-the-way-veggie!


Drink Fixin’s I Picture a summer day and the excitement of the grill prep and the sizzlin’ spectacle about to hit the table.  What better way to anticipate the result than to enjoy a frosty beverage while you wait?  Just add 2 oz of crushed ice with 2 oz of your favourite Gin, add 4 oz of Fevertree Tonic, shake, sip-sip and enjoy!

Uncle Chuck’s Apron I An apron is included so you can look ‘Pro-Fesh’, as in ‘Professional’.  And if you want to feel some inspiration, just touch the patch and Chef Cheryl will be there in spirit beside you to whisper…”I’m right here along with you grilling, and we’re doing it together!”  

Thrill & Grill BBQ Box

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